Save 60 Minutes A Day – ‘Hi, I’m Richard!’

Save 60 Minutes A Day – ‘Hi, I’m Richard!’

Don’t you wish you had the time to fly back home to be with your wife and kids this holiday season? Don’t you yearn to give your loved ones some of your time? Let’s face it. With so many people working 9-5 jobs everyday and managing whole businesses, it becomes almost impossible to make some time for yourself and also, your loved ones. Giving someone your time is intangible and the most irreplaceable feeling in the world. At GetFriday, we understand that ‘time’ is precious and creating fond memories with loved ones is crucial – one that can even beat the joys of winning a lottery or even bringing home fat pay checks!

GetFriday can help you create those memories by saving you 60 minutes of your day, everyday! By offloading work that takes up a lot of your time to GetFriday’s virtual assistants, you will be able to save at least 60 minutes of your day to do the things you have always wanted to do in your spare time or spend that important one hour with the people that matter the most to you. Keeping this in mind, GetFriday launched a series of ‘Save 60 minutes a Day’ videos to help you understand how you can make time for yourself and your family and how our virtual assistance services can bring about a positive change in your life.

The second video in the series of “Save 60 minutes a day” videos, titled “Hi, I’m Richard!”, talks about how GetFriday managed to bring about some respite in the life of a private consultant, Richard. His work involved a constant travel and as a result, he missed out on spending quality time with family. Growing extremely tired of not being able to devote time to his family, he decided to hire a GetFriday Virtual Assistant to handle all his time-consuming work such as arranging for his travels, booking hotels, arranging tuition for his children and also scheduling doctor’s appointments for his parents. With everything taken care of, Richard finally made some time for his family and could travel around the world for his work, guilt-free and knowing that he managed to make memories with his family and could devote quality time to his wife, children and parents.

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