Coping with the deluge

Coping with the deluge

GetFriday has been in the news quite often in the last month including getting onto the Wall Street Journal and an exclusive online daily in the UK called ‘The First Post’. Here are the links to those articles.

Outsourcing your life – Ellen Gamerman for the Wall Street Journal

Outsource your life – Linton Chiswick for The First Post.

Coping with the deluge of inquiries ever since has been tough. No one wants to wait and everyone wants an instant assistant. The company has been hiring and training staff on the double. We also heeded some feedback on the web about our slow sign up process and put up the membership form on the website for download. But the resource allocation still has to be manual. Due to the shortage of staff we have also put up an announcement on the site about the wait time after sign up.

Despite all this we have been keeping our promise to all those who signed up with us by either commencing service on the due date or well ahead of it.

-GetFriday Management

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