Barnacle SEO – A key to a winning SEO marketing

Barnacle SEO – A key to a winning SEO marketing

If you are an SEO marketer, this phrase, ‘A key to a winning SEO strategy’, must have spontaneously reminded you of keyword marketing, website restructuring, URL structuring, link building, back-linking and the like. In fact, SEO is a mixture of analytical and creative practices and each of these is important to get the benefits of SEO. The importance of each of the SEO practices, be it keyword research or link-building, depends significantly on the algorithm of the search engine you select for marketing. So, a good SEO strategy is implementation of SEO practices according to their relevance. It’s just like a master-chef cooking that perfect recipe using the right ingredients in the right proportions.

There are some SEO practices which have not received their due importance from search engine marketers. One of them is Barnacle SEO. If you are a marketer who emphasizes on local search marketing then Barnacle SEO is an important aspect that cannot be overseen. You might be wondering what this Barnacle SEO is all about.

What is Barnacle SEO?

Barnacle SEO is inspired by the nature of barnacles. A barnacle is a marine creature with a hard shell which sticks permanently to rocks or other huge marine animals like whales. So the motive of a Barnacle SEO is – “attaching oneself to a large fixed object and waiting for the customers to float by in the current”. Barnacle SEO leverages on earning reviews and listings in a high ranking directory or review site.

Essentials of Barnacle SEO implementation:

Select and prioritize your review sites:

First, use the right keywords and track all the top-ranking review sites and directories in the result page. For instance, if your business is about Eco Resorts, then type keywords such as Eco Resorts or Eco Tourism, or Eco Resort in Bangkok considering if your Resort is in Bangkok. Your Search Engine Result page will give you a number of reputed review sites like Tripadvisor and Expedia. You must prioritize reputed sites to get reviews. In fact, a listing in a standard review site will earn you more clicks than an individual website.

Build good profiles in reputed sites:

Make your profile as attractive as possible in the directory or the review site. Include all basic information details sought by searchers like your business name, address, phone number, website and e-mail. Also include pictures of your business in review sites.

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Link Building:

In order to rank well in a SERP, earn links to your reviews and listings. Link it from your own website as well as other locally oriented websites like charities, Chambers of Commerce and the like.


Advantages of Barnacle SEO:

Some of the advantages of Barnacle SEO are

Brand Equity building:

Just imagine you are looking for a family restaurant in your town. You will obviously be interested in a restaurant with a 5 star rating over another with a 3 star rating. Customer ratings are also an important factor considered by Google algorithms for determining a Google rank. Moreover, potential customers are more likely to take reviews published on a reputed site more seriously.


Right answer to right audience:

Just Getting listed in reputed local directories like Yellow Pages will connect with the right audiences looking for your service or product. This bridges the usual disconnect between the information on your website and your searchers.


Mobile friendly experience:

Barnacle SEO emphasizes on listings and reviews in reputed sites. The loading time of such sites is much faster than regular websites. These sites are friendly for information extraction and browsing.

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Reviews are not the only factors for getting better ranking. The recent updates in Google algorithm are increasingly emphasizing on quality and quantity of reviews. The extent of influence of reviews also depends on the industry of your business. Some industries are more influenced by reviews. For instance, the tourism industry and the entertainment industry are more likely to be influenced by user reviews because people seek peer recommendations before opting for these services and products.

Barnacle SEO is often a time consuming task. Its takes a lot of effort to find reputed sites and create good content to be listed. Some of these activities related to Barnacle SEO are better outsourced to a SEO expert assistant. It is inexpensive as well as more efficient.

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