Email list building Strategies

Email list building Strategies

While there are voices that talk of email being a not-so-sought after technology anymore, the truth is that email still works fine for people who know the actual benefits of it. Email marketing provides the most direct line of communication for turning leads into sales, which is why the most noteworthy entrepreneurs are in no mood to give it up at any cost. Social networks can be a good avenue to bring people to your website. But, you have to still continue to communicate with them, for which email is the viable choice. This can give you a good idea that email continues to be important in the present day dominated by social media. Here in the article, we talk about actions that will help build your email lists;

Build Your Loyal Fans

Early in the life of a website, it is necessary to get on to sites which are more popular than you by saying – “Hey, I love your post; I would like to contribute a post”.  After having published the post, at the bottom you need to ensure you tell them to come to your site for more cool content and link it to your site. This strategy accomplishes three tasks – you have put material in front of people who do not know you, second you have gone to a site that is bigger than you and get more exposure and third, you have shown people a way to come to your site. Mostly people who read your guest blog will like it and come to your site and ideally become your subscribers.

Provide Amazing Content on the site

Everything begins with content. People will find a website based on good content. Once you impress the reader, the next step could be to ask for email address. The good content on the website will help them stay subscribed.  Once the reader subscribes to your site, they will receive the updates as soon as you post them on your website.

Offer your readers something in exchange for their email

In this strategy, you need to offer more than just ‘updates’. The idea is to solve one of the problems, which the audience is facing and help them with a free download. You can offer any one of the following: EBook, workbook, templates, checklist, cheat sheet, email course, video course or a newsletter. It is not necessary that you always give an EBook (Find out Tips to steer your small business with an e-book); you can also give something smaller like a checklist or template because they make the process a lot quicker to implement.

Provide Call to action link easily visible

It is very hard to find a call to action on some websites because of the clutter on them. It is always better to put subscribe buttons to be placed on top of the websites. Keep your offers upfront and include a call to action on every page on the website. Key places to consider are your website’s homepage, the main page of the blog, ‘About us’ page and ‘Contact us’ page.

Promote Your Email Newsletter on Social Media

Most of the marketing services like MailChimp offer Facebook integrations. You can create a form within the mail client, sync it up to Facebook, and it will create a tab on your Facebook page. People who like your page can subscribe on the spot, without having to visit your website.


Popups are a great way to get in front of the user and encourage them to subscribe. This exercise asks for reaching the people at the right time- such as when returning visitor lands on the site after the visitor has seen a certain amount of pages or right before they plan to exit the website. Large companies like Xerox are able to deliver on great results by sticking to the Popup strategy.

Do you find the entire process to be overwhelming? Outsource it to a Virtual Assistant and focus on business growth.

It is a choice that is within your hands. You can either do the all the above-mentioned process yourself or you can outsource it to a virtual administrative assistant. The assistant will ensure that most of the processes being talked about in the blog would be taken care off by a hired virtual assistant. This will not only save time but also ensure you have the bigger picture in mind for your business. You will only be involved with parts of the business which takes it forward rather than getting involved in the nitty-gritty of the business.

These are some of the processes that will help you in building the email list building strategies. The thing to remember is that following these measures will make your website an effective sales magnet for your business.

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