GetFriday Making its Presence Felt


GetFriday Making its Presence Felt

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We have been in the outsourcing arena since 2005 and have served 15,000+ clients spanning 30 countries. We are an outsourcing firm in India, which was thrust into the limelight when “The Four Hour Work Week” hit the New York best seller list and the client numbers jumped substantially. We offer a wide range of virtual assistance services. We have been listed on various media and news outlets in the past and here is a quick overview about it.

We were featured on ABC in 2005, and there was in detail explanation of how AJ Jacobs Esquire’s editor at large was able to outsource much of his life to us in Bangalore. The tasks ranged from answering e-mails, making calls on his behalf, ordering groceries and buying movie tickets. At one point we even read bed time stories to his son. Jacobs called his experience with outsourcing as inexpensive. Our assistants went above and beyond their assignments and even thought of new projects we could perform for Jacobs like taxes.

We were on in July 2006. The author mentioned us as concierge services and used our help in doing numerous things including researching his stock investments, shopping for wireless routers and much more. All this he was able to do with a monthly investment of USD 300. He was pleased with the rates which we offered.

Wall Street Journal also carried a news story in 2007 and talked about the actress Michele Greene who employed one of our virtual assistants to act as her personal assistant. Ms. Greene paid USD150 a month for 20 hours of service. The article mostly talked about how Asia is becoming the outsourcing hub and catering to works ranging from graphic design, math tutoring, web development, book keeping and more.

CNN the popular American news outlet had featured us on their website in 2007 and stressed on “outsourcing of life” in their article. It tells about how outsourcing was considered suited only for the upscale office worker, now has come within the reach of the ordinary person on the street. It tells of the ease with which we can arrange for your laundry to be picked up and delivered at your doorstep at the click of a mouse. With GetFriday (Sister Concern of YMII), the customer can call or email their overseas virtual assistant (VA) and can get almost anything done, from helping to draft legal documents to more everyday tasks such as paying bills.

We were featured in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2008, where the experiences of Mr.Hui with GetFriday are mentioned. It has quotes from a senior manager T T Venkatesh, about how the company does not take up anything illegal or work sounding bad in taste. P Sunder, the company’ s CEO quotes about how Indian start-up companies are handling business upwards of $200 million in the personal and small business services.

USA today featured us in 2008, the article mentions about Tim Ferris and his book “The Four Hour Work Week” and how someone who earns more than $30,000 in the US can afford to hire a virtual assistant. The author mentions about the pay-as-you-go plans and monthly plans from GetFriday keeping in mind the needs of the customers.

The Philadelphia weekly in 2011 featured us as a story on outsourcing with exclusive attention on GetFriday. The feature talks about the experiences of Norman Wilson with his virtual assistant at GetFriday – Atul. The article goes on to talk about how such a set up between customer and company seems to blur the lines between the employer and the employee. There are comparisons of the virtual assistant being like an advanced machine or an avatar from a video game altogether. It is an elaborative piece which poetically deals with the journey of outsourcing.

Thomson Reuters featured us in a video on their site in 2013. The video gave an exclusive look into our offices at GetFriday in Bangalore, talked with assistants in their working space. It went on to talk about the virtues of outsourcing.

PR Newswire featured us in three consecutive years – 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Another place where we got featured was, where Thomas Shambler, a journalist, purchased a 10-hour package and hires a VA called Pallavika. Being a journalist he outsources the task of scheduling his interviews with us. He also asks her to do basic research for an article he was writing and asked for gifting ideas for his father. Overall, the client found the service to be good and meeting his expectations and compared the service to a real person ready at his beck and call.

Just like these articles GetFriday is also featured on the website, where we are among the top virtual assistant companies from across the world in 2017.

Various other news platforms also speak about GetFriday’s outsourcing success stories.

Outsourcing companies are being used by people for quite a long time now. But, now they are being used by people for innovative tasks. As time goes by we will see the industry maturing and more people using a virtual assistant with less novelty. With the difference in the exchange rate of currencies, it will become more attractive for individuals in the western world to outsource their errands to associates in the developing world.

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