Adroit & Active, GetFriday’s Business Assistant Knows How to Make Time!

Adroit & Active, GetFriday’s Business Assistant Knows How to Make Time!

When it comes to getting the right virtual assistance for business, Get Friday’s agile and expert assistants are sure to sort out all issues! Starting from personal to family tasks, from travel management to online research and analysis – GetFriday ensures to offer the exact virtual crew an organisation requires.

It is their sheer honest effort and hard work that have resulted in GetFriday’s goodwill amongst their client base.

Mark Manney is one such client who, on collaborating with GetFriday, finally got to fulfill his dream. A successful entrepreneur cum musician, Mark found relief when the virtual assistants took some load off his daily tasks.

Handling a sales agency along with a Blockchain startup seemed a bit daunting for Mark. That is when he sought GetFriday’s help 5 to 6 years ago.

Thus began a process of discussion and planning. Eventually, Mark was able to carry out his startup works with much less time as now, the business assistance service from GetFriday looked after his online tasks pertaining to his sales agency. Gushing over newly found ‘time’ in his daily life, Mark said,

The virtual assistance crew ensured that being the CEO of my agency did not compel me to come every day to office and see whether everyone is present or not! I do not have to sit from 9 to 5 at my workplace making sure everyone does their job”.

Mark now finds ample time to focus on his startup and also, on his own life and family. For him, getting assistance from this organisation has been life-changing.

He said, “Success is not only about financial gain but also about your lifestyle. If you improve your lifestyle, then that sure is a success on your personal level”.

Putting forward his desired goals to the team of GetFriday made Mark Manney’s life a lot simpler!

Being one of the happy clients, Mark cannot thank GetFriday enough for being his working hand and recommends their services to one and all.

Hence, TIME is what this organization truly gifts you in this fast-paced world.  

With the heckle of working 12 hours straight every day, most of today’s professionals and even entrepreneurs do not get time for themselves. This is where outsourcing major business tasks to GetFriday’s VAs can prove profitable. The Virtual Assistant Company manages all your mundane tasks which resist you from following your true passion impeccably.

Having worked with customers across the globe, they have become the go-to virtual assistant partner, whenever a person faces pertinent ‘time management’ issues!

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