Present Your Loved Ones with the Most Precious Gift Ever – TIME!

Present Your Loved Ones with the Most Precious Gift Ever – TIME!

Let’s take an instance first!

  • 9 A.M. (At the breakfast table)

Martha: Happy Anniversary hubby… Don’t be late for our special dinner date…

George: I won’t be honey…

  • 4 P.M. (Phone rings)

Martha: How long George? Are you done with office?

George: Almost there Martha…will be home by 6.

  • 8 P.M. (An impatient call)

Martha: George, even today? It was our anniversary…how could you be late today!!!

George: Martha… I’m sorry…Got stuck in an emergency meeting.

  • 9 P.M

Martha: Leave it George! The same story every time! It’s over between us!

George: Martha…..listen…Martha…..

(Beep…beep…beep…the phone disconnects…FOR the final time.)

TIME!!! Perhaps the most precious asset of our lives, yet we often falter from rendering this priceless possession its deserved importance.

Guess what we are left with??? REGRET…the biggest poison of our existence.

Remember one thing! Time cannot be rolled back and therefore, is the most precious gift your mortal soul can offer to your loved ones. However, courtesy to your packed schedule and your busy life, this dream remains far from attaining reality. The result?


Well, why regret when there is a solution? Yes! Treat your loved ones with the Gift of Time. Yes, you heard that right. Gift of Time allows you to provide your “busy mate” with a pair of helping hands (Virtual Assistant) aiding them to finish their work sooner.

What’s more!

With an efficient VA at disposal, free your pal of his/her immediate tasks and voila! An evening show or a coffee date is on the cards!

How can you gift this ‘GIFT’?

Gifting time is now easier than you can imagine! All you need to do is purchase a digital gift card online and present it to your mate. He/she can then connect to his/her allocated virtual assistant online and get the task going.

Now, you may be wondering, how efficient is a VA! What will he help a person with? Well, how about helping you with your household tasks or even finding a school for your little princess? These VAs are apt in every field.

For instance, imagine this situation:

It’s been almost a month since you have sat crossed legged with your father for a “SON to DAD talk.” Yeah…he’s busy, yet you miss his presence. So, simply present him a Gift of Time. When it comes to household tasks, these VAs can aid you with everything ranging from making household payments (bills, dues) to arranging plumbers & electricians.

They will also contact a dry cleaning service for you and even order your groceries as per your requirements.

Wait! There’s more:

Simone, a corporate junkie is planning to go on a family vacation. But alas! The poor girl doesn’t even have time to book her air tickets. Seeing Simone in a misery, her boyfriend presents her the ‘Gift of Time’.

To her surprise, Simone’s VA not only plans the potential vacation destinations within her budget, but also books the tickets and reserves rooms for her for an extensive stay.

In fact, the party does not end here. With a virtual assistant at disposal, you can even plan a wedding, retirement or festivity as and when required. Sounds enticing? Then, present your loved one with the ‘Gift of Time’ today and receive their priceless accompaniment in return.

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