Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

As 2016 came to an end, organisations are getting challenged every year, about their digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the digital marketing strategies that will dominate the year 2017.

Video Marketing

YouTube happens to be the second most used search engine in the world. Online video happens to be 50% of all mobile traffic. As users get savvier, they will have the need to connect with brands and engage with their stories. Platforms like Periscope and Facebook make it easy for brands and businesses to connect with their fans and followers in real time and get their message across by streaming live broadcasts. Also 2017 video will see tremendous growth, from Facebook news feeds to family groups on Whatsapp. With NASSCOMM estimating 700 million smartphones in India by 2020 and with every phone being a potential video device. The growth of video is only going north in 2017. With 4G becoming the norm, we’ll be getting a lot more videos in our newsfeeds. With eye balls migrating to small mobile screens, time spent on social media rising, video is going to see growth in 2017.

Video Marketing

Mobile to Dominate Desktop

It has been seen that Google has already phased out websites that are not optimized for mobiles. With this trend on the rise, we are going to see an increasing number of marketers giving more attention to mobile search and optimization. This would mean Google is prioritizing mobile sites and will have Google ads oriented around mobile. This means ads are going to become more localized. So a search for ‘fast food’ will not come up with KFC, if there is no KFC with a 10 km radius. This trend is going to continue not only in 2017, but in the years to come.

Digital generated devices on desktop, responsive mock-up with online shop website on screen. All screen graphics are made up.

Instore Marketing

There isn’t much connection between in-store marketing and digital marketing, but the difference between the physical and online sales techniques are fast shrinking. In a smartphone dominated world, 80% of the millennials use their phone inside the store and 75% of them are willing to receive location based text alerts. An organization with optimized mobile strategy, capturing customers in-store through digital techniques will prove to be an effective means of conversion. A fine example of this comes from the American supermarket Target. The store launched a reward app to present their customers with special offers as they walked through various departments of their stores. The method becomes even easier, when you use the new beacon technology (After downloading the app, customers can be sent customized content, when they happen to be at the vicinity of the store through beacon technology).

online shopping with smart phone in woman hand

Interactive Content

In the current digital environment, engagement is everything and marketers succeed when users not only consume the content, but also enjoy it and act upon it. This makes it certain that interactive content will be the way forward in coming times. It is seen that when compared to static content interactive content is able to notch conversion rate of up to 70% higher conversions. In fact, it also is a good way of educating buyers and making your brand to stand out among competitors. It is a win-win situation, when people are turning away from traditional means of advertising in favor of online reviews and research. With digital technology getting more sophisticated, the scope to engage interactively is seemingly endless. Interactivity can come in the form of quizzes and polls to contests. It is for the brand to choose which type of interactive content it plans to choose from.

Interactive content

Wearable Mobile Devices

Currently there are 7.22 billion active mobile devices, that’s more technology in the world than people. Hence it is important to understand the importance of smartphone marketing and its relevance to an organization. The wearable market is expected to reach $4billion in 2017. Much like the emergence of mobile, brands and businesses will have to develop their platforms to cater to the average user who uses a wearable, and ensure they are optimized for small, more interactive screens to ensure quality user experience and prompt sales. In 2017, the giant network of wearables will provide marketers with more marketing data. The unprecedented access to this kind of knowledge will help marketers to focus on their target audience more accurately like never before.

Wearable Mobile Devices

Disappearing Social Content

One big change the social media is going to experience in the times to come will be in the form disappearing content. Disappearing or expiring content enables the brands and businesses to cut through the noise and clutter, gaining the attention of the target audience without spending massive amounts of money. The pioneer in this technology is Snapchat. To create a real sense of urgency users were given limited time to read or view the content before it disappeared. Meanwhile, the technology got copied by Instagram, causing rivalry between the two platforms. Expiring content is going to become a trendsetter in 2017, as per estimates.

Influencer Marketing

There is seamless amount of information, which is broadcast through the web. To make sense of it all, web users are turning to an unbiased expert with knowledge to share – the influencer. Today’s consumer is more likely to trust an influencer than a brand message. In 2016, there was a realization from the brand that the fastest way to reach the audience’s heart is through a trusted thought leader. Hence, today influencer marketing has become a line item in the marketing budget of brands’. In 2017, we are going to see more brands willing to spend their budget on a thought leader, who not only believes in the brand, but also is able to communicate it to the right following.

Influencer Marketing

Behaviour Based Email Marketing

Digital marketing in 2017 would be all about segmented & behavior based e-mail marketing. With more and more users subscribing to brands online, there are more emails hitting the inbox and low open rates are becoming fairly common. This can only be combated by sending customized emails to users that are targeted to specific sets of customers. Suppose a customer is browsing pages of an e-commerce site using an Android device. It would prudent to send this user, best deals on android devices than to send him a general offer mail with all the best deals on the site. When consumers notice all the mails received are relevant and worth going through, they will read the mails, stay subscribed and take action on mails.

Email Marketing

These are some of the major trends which are expected to shape up 2017. If you happen to know someone, who would need help in the area of digital marketing, it is prudent that you utilize virtual assistant (VA) based organisations like GetFriday. The VA at GetFriday can ensure that you remain in the complete know how throughout your engagement with the digital environment. Your brand and its expansion in the digital domain can be completely taken over by the VA, while you provide the macro view of how the brand must be managed in the digital landscape.

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  1. Absolute fantastic. Very informative and updated information I must say. I am an online entrepreneur and I always work with the trends. Your points have covered all the positive aspects which are already dominating the digital world. Mobile search has already hit the market in massively because social media and app-based e-commerce store is the most attractive trading platform which is highly demanded amongst traders.

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