Hear, Hear! Here’s Why Building Social Media Presence Is CRUCIAL For Your Business!

Hear, Hear! Here’s Why Building Social Media Presence Is CRUCIAL For Your Business!


Are you ready to get ahead of your competitors? Social media presence plays a significant role in determining whether you stand a chance against your competitors in search engine rankings. Strong brands and smart businesses almost always use social media to market their business and to voice their content. This positively affects their rankings on search engine results, one of the many benefits of building social media presence and marketing your brand through social media channels. If Hubspot statistics are anything to go by, 92% of marketers claimed that social media channels were extremely important to their businesses. Why? Scroll further to find out –

1.Brand Exposure



Social media channels are perfect to voice the content you have in mind for your brand. It can help make your brand more recognizable for existing clients, bring in more visibility for prospective clients and also make uninterested clients re-consider your brand because of your wide, social media presence.

2.Building Credibility



Building your presence on social media channels will increase your followers and this in turn, can lead to an increase in marketing power. Every positive interaction you have with a client could increase chances of a subsequent conversion. Ranking higher in search engines like Google should be your top-most priority. As your social media presence increases over time, so will the credibility for your brand.

3.Making Competition Irrelevant


Making Competition Irrelevant

Forget about beating competition. Your aim should be to make competition irrelevant. A great way to start would be by building social media presence. Are you simply going to watch your competitors race ahead after all the effort you put into building your brand? Think of what a potential customer might think if he/she has visited your website and has learnt that they can?t follow you because you don’t have a social media account? If your social media presence is non-existent, so is your brand.

4.Drives Website Traffic


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Hashtags are a great tool to help your content travel and get your brand out into relevant conversations. The more social media accounts you set up and the more hashtags you use, the better the chances of clients getting routed back to your website. All the content you post on these social media forums creates more opportunities for new visitors, more leads and higher conversion ratios. It may also interest you to know that some of the world’s top companies have adopted the hashtag almost completely to drive more traffic, leading to a 12% increase in overall engagement. Need we say more?

Although the benefits are plenty, it is no secret that juggling multiple social media accounts can be a hassle, especially if you have a growing business to handle or if you are busy with other work. When you neglect social media, or if you don?t have the right understanding or know-how to operate or market your brand effectively through social media channels, there’s a high possibility that you may end up losing out on business growth and revenue. If you don’t want that to happen to you, outsource all the heavy-lifting to a reliable Virtual Assistance company. GetFriday, perhaps?

Hire A Social Media Expert!


Yes, you can now outsource your social media accounts to a personal, social media virtual assistant – one who is up-to-date with new social media trends, hashtags and can carry out micro-blogging for the industry you operate in. All you need to do is, do your homework on the right outsourcing partner, sit back and outsource! Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant can ensure that your networks are up-to-date with keyword-rich content, are in line with your business objectives and your brand. Additionally, your social media virtual assistant can also post relevant information and images a number of times in the day, to make your brand appear ‘socially active’. This will draw more leads to your websites, result in more conversions as well as positively impact Google’s rankings

Take your business to the next level. Understand the importance of building solid social media presence. If you haven’t gotten that far and don’t know where to start, cut through the chase and outsource. You’ll find that it will be easier to manage your business online if you have a dedicated, social media virtual assistant who can get your brand message out in a cost-effective manner and time your social media activities to reap optimum results!

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