GetFriday Acknowledged by Feedspot with the ‘Top 75 Virtual Assistant Blogs in 2018’ Award!

GetFriday Acknowledged by Feedspot with the ‘Top 75 Virtual Assistant Blogs in 2018’ Award!

Are you looking for the best VA blogs because –

You are a virtual assistant and need to be updated with the latest trends of the industry?


You are a business owner who wants to learn the intricacies, trends and updates of the Virtual Assistance industry and subsequently gain from it?    

Well, whoever you are, with around a million blogs being launched worldwide per day; it can be overwhelming to find the top Virtual Assistant blogs in 2018. However, enlightening yourself with new resources to learn fresh ideas, strategies and methodologies are essential for both a career boom and productive business.  

To assist you in attaining this objective, Feedspot, a popular forum which enlists the best websites on different genres, has released the best Virtual Assistant Blogs list of this year. Here, the good news is, GetFriday has received the prestigious Top 75 Virtual Assistant Blog Award by Feedspot.

We have made it to this list for our experience of 12 years in this domain and successful service to more than 15000 clients so far.

Just for your knowledge, we are a leading and reputed virtual assistant company providing company offering professional assistance to both businesses as well as personal requirements. From SMEs and entrepreneurs to individuals – we cater to every type of client with our professional services.

How Feedspot filtered the best ones!

Feedspot’s editorial team has conducted an extensive search to filter the best 75 from the top Virtual business blogs available. Google and social media platforms being primary sources for data collection, they have considered various factors for ranking the websites. Some of those include –

  1. Online reputation and search ranking in Google.
  2. Popularity and influence of the Virtual assistant blogs and websites on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.
  3. Duration of the blog site being in the online domain (i.e. age).
  4. Quality of contents and consistency of posts.
  5. Traffic of the Virtual business blogs and website.
  6. Expert review and recommendations, etc.

Besides experience and client base, GetFriday entered this top virtual assistant blog list by Feedspot after being qualified for all the above pointers. Not only has that, but our various blog posts coming live per month has also been a contribution to this achievement.    

As an insignia, our virtual assistant blog for VA businesses can now use the Top 75 Virtual Assistant Blog batch on our official website proudly.

A Glimpse at a few noteworthy statistics:

Feedspot has also displayed certain important statistics about GetFriday while enlisting it among the top Virtual Assistant blogs in 2018.

  • In Alexa rank, the virtual business website is currently standing at 1, 125, 563.  
  • GetFriday presently enjoys the support of 753 followers on Twitter.  
  • Facebook is also no behind with the company enjoying 695 fans there.

Present and Future Times:

With this motivation, we strive to frame the future strategies based on our existent features. Also, with our initial motive of ‘offering personal assistance along with a plethora of expertise’, we look forward to support the forthcoming dependability of the market on virtual assistance.


Apart from being among the top virtual assistant blogs in 2018, GetFriday has been featured in numerous other leading newspapers, magazines, best sellers and television channels of the world.   

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