5 Virtual Assistance Trends Indicating a Brighter 2018!

5 Virtual Assistance Trends Indicating a Brighter 2018!

Virtual Assistance trends

According to Tractica predictions, active customers of Virtual Assistance services will elevate from 390 million back in 2015 to 1.8 billion by 2021’s closure, worldwide.

That’s a rapid growth for sure!

Having quite a happening time in 2017, the industry is now ready to embrace the latest 2018 Virtual Assistance trends that are expected to benefit businesses largely in earning profitable returns.

However, before that…

Let’s look back!

In present day, smart strategy along with time management have become the 2 most important aspects of success in every field. However, considering the ever-mounting work business owners are burdened with, multitasking is practically difficult along with efficient management. This brought to light the concept of these personal or virtual assistants.

Exceptionally skilled and experienced, such professionals, probably sitting miles away, can handle their client’s requirements proficiently.

Coming to this year again, let’s take a glimpse of the predicted latest trends of Virtual Assistance industry.   

2018 Virtual Assistance trends:

1. A rise in competition

2018 is expecting to see an increase in small scale online businesses as more and more individuals are taking their career initiative as entrepreneurs. This rise in competition calls for more management proficiency on the part of business owners to streamline their work processes.

Therefore, to stand out in this trending initiative, hiring Virtual Assistance services for your business is presently on high demand. It can also be assumed that the trend would continue till the end of the year.  

2. The trend of cost-cutting strategies

Businesses like yours would continue to frame strategies for cutting down costs while enhancing productivity. Virtual assistance services would be profitable here as business owners need not pay any benefit to such employees. Moreover, they also don’t have to bear expenses like travel cost, internet bandwidth, rent, etc.   

As estimated, opting for VA services can be a savings of around 40% in business expenses.

With this benefit, 2018 would see businesses turning more to virtual assistance companies for getting a value for money.

3. The blogging trend

The online world is presently experiencing a thriving blogging trend which has engrossed almost all industries globally. The reason being, blogs have proved to be one of the most influential content marketing tools which can give a significant boost to any company, if appropriately strategized.

Hiring a VA service would help a business in many ways including frequent postings of blogs, keeping the WordPress updated, updating plugins, etc.    

Hence, considering the necessity of blogging for businesses, outsourcing this task to professional virtual assistants would be a profitable choice.

4. Supporting flexible working concept

One of the crucial 2018 Virtual Assistance trends is the rise in flexible working concept. With increasing work pressure, long hours on laptops and strenuous daily commute taking a toll on people’s health; flexible working has emerged as a more convenient choice, giving profitable outcomes to businesses.

Therefore, companies are looking forward to hiring more such personal assistance services to increase their team, ensure more productivity while reducing employee drop rate.       

5. Engage of senior or retired workers 

Most senior people desire to do less demanding tasks post their retirement to support their inadequate pensions. As the industry is employing them as virtual workers, more business organizations are hiring those retired people. Their years of experience and excellence would be additional perks for businesses.    

Hence, as these latest trends of Virtual Assistance industry clearly indicate, there are numerous perks of hiring Virtual Assistants for businesses in 2018. It would be an investment towards productivity.

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  4. Nice Blog. Thanks for sharing the best tips for learning “5 Virtual Assistance Trends Indicating a Brighter 2018”. YOur this kind of post will help to grow our business. Keep up to the great work

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  6. This gives me hope that I’m moving in the right direction in building a VA business. I know that there are some many small business owners and entrepreneurs that could be more productive by utilizing the services of a VA. This gives them the opportunity to grow and nurture their business financially while trusting all of the back office tasks to someone dedicated to getting things done for them.

  7. Yes. In this era where internet of thing is in regard task are being distributed accordingly in virtual way. So what you expect to do? Of course, hire a Virtual Assistant that may help you.

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