Interesting Tasks @ GetFriday

Interesting Tasks @ GetFriday

Every day a number of tasks are executed by virtual assistants. Most of the tasks which are taken up by the assistants are routine and mundane. But at times there come requests from clients to do tasks that are out of the ordinary. These tasks stretch the boundary of the normal and can be termed as “Special” tasks. This article tries to explore some of the tasks that came into GetFriday and was executed with full zest by the employees.

Task 1

Expressing through Post Cards

One of our client’s former teacher was based in France. The client residing in the UK wanted someone to write postcards for his teacher who was interested in Indian culture. This task seemed interesting and virtual assistants at GetFriday took up the task. They started sending postcards from Indian to France, once every 2 weeks. The teacher was very pleased with the fact that she was receiving postcards from India on a regular basis and that too on behalf of her former student. The client was also delighted that he could do his bit to bring a cheer on to his teacher’s face. GetFriday, the virtual assistant services company has experience with over 14,000 clients over a decade of its existence. If you have a task similar to the one mentioned above, you can right way forward it to assistants at GetFriday.Best Virtual Assistant service Provider

Task 2  

Healing from Far

A client at GetFriday based in America wanted someone to send medicines to an elder relative in Bangalore. We at GetFriday were asked if this task was at all possible from our side, to which we replied in the affirmative. Our virtual assistants here at Bangalore procured the medicine and sent it to the client’s relative on a regular basis. The client was happy about the fact he was able to help his elder relative with medication. The relative was praising the client all along for having done so. Even if you have such tasks that are out of the ordinary, virtual assistant companies such as GetFriday will be happy to accommodate such tasks if you are willing to come forward.

There are many such tasks that have come through the doors of GetFriday. We are willing to take such interesting tasks and you can follow us on social media for updates on such interesting tasks.

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