Tasks out of the Ordinary

Tasks out of the Ordinary

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There are many demands which have come to GetFriday over the years. But some tasks have left an indubitable mark on the organizations and the assistants who service them. Here are some more tasks as a continuation of our previous blog on interesting tasks.

Story 3

One of our long-standing clients had a very interesting request. He wanted one of our GetFriday associates to take tuition for his kid. Mathematics was the subject in which, the client asked us for help. Our associates did not have any hesitation and took up the task as any normal task. They taught him algebraic equations and helped him with his homework. On the whole, we are able free-up some time for the client from his schedule, which otherwise would have been used to give lessons to his kid. This way GetFriday was able to bring comfort to a stressed father. The client was happy with the results and the kid started performing well in his studies.  

Story 4

One of the regular clients at GetFriday had a peculiar request for us. He wanted us to teach his son – the Indian national anthem and the meaning of it. So one of our associates took it upon herself to teach anthem to the child. Just after two sessions on Skype, the child was able to recite the national anthem. With his continuous singing of the anthem, he was able to teach the anthem to his kid brother as well. In addition, he was able to generate enough enthusiasm for making his mother sing the anthem with both of them. The main idea behind the exercise was to showcase the child’s anthem singing to his grandparents, who lived in the UK. When they paid a visit, this time around – the child was able to recite the anthem with ease to surprise his grandparents. This development delighted the client and he was full of praise for our associate who undertook this task.

Even if you have such tasks and are hesitant to approach a VA, you would never know unless you make an approach. At virtual assistant services company like GetFriday, every task is given equal weightage compared to other regular tasks. There may be starting trouble with tasks of such nature because they come without prior experience. You can log on to GetFriday’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GetFriday) for more such stories.

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