Tips to steer your small business with an e-book

Tips to steer your small business with an e-book

An intelligent marketer strives to create awareness, educate and aid in the decision making of his customers. These days, marketers lure their target segment using an array of nifty digital tools. An important one amongst them is the E-book. An e-book augments a small business’s entry into the market and reinforces its identity from the very beginning. Every small-business marketer will benefit if he/she uses E-books prudently to further the business.

An e-book has benefits for both, the customers as well as the marketers. It is the source of maximum information for customers at minimum cost for marketers. So, e-books are value marketing in the true sense. So, your E-book must be designed strategically to appeal to a large number of visitors and close your business with a majority of them.

Before embarking on the design of your E-book, you should reflect upon the objectives of your marketing and relate them to your e-book. This will further decide the content of the e-book, the tone and style of the content and the like. Such prudence in the making of an e-book will reinforce your marketing strategies and align them with the same. So, if you are a small business marketer and you are going to launch an e-book, take a look at the following tips on e-book marketing. They will enhance the benefits you harvest from your e-book.

Tailor your e-book for your right audience:

Your e-book should meet the expectation of your target audience. They should get the exact information they are seeking and further it should entice them to choose your products or services over your competitor’s.

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Get good book-reviews for your e-book:

Good book reviews increase the merit of your book. They corroborate the faith of your readers in your book and entice them to read it. Get reviews from reputed personalities and industry experts. It will establish and affirm your expertise in your business.


Delight your readers by gifting:

Delight your readers by gifting your e-book as a prize. You may decide the winner by holding an engaging contest or any other pull strategy like e-mail sweepstake. It’s a good bait.


Send e-mail scripts of your e-book to relevant customers:

Send best liners and e-mails to the relevant customers and prospects. By doing this, you will make your e-book an attractive portal which invites qualified prospects.


Get links from reputed link sharing social websites:

Getting your link shared by a reputed social network is useful to trigger the word of mouse. But be mindful to respect the rules of such reputed social sites. Take care to state a few key insights from your book briefly without being over promotional.

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Address the buyers from the perspective of their journey:

Your e-book should help close sales with your buyers. So, it should be linked to your landing pages. You e-book’s content should address the whole journey of your buyers. It should be informative, differentiating your business from your competitors by stating facts and figures, helping your buyer to make the decision by giving details of the buying procedure.


The above tips of e-book marketing will add value to your marketing efforts and help you reap good results. So if you are a passionate digital marketer, you must steer your business to success by the right usage of an e-book. In fact, there are no hurdles for e-book marketing. If you are losing out on time for e-book marketing, you have a smart option to outsource the same. Or if you want an expert’s advice on e-book marketing, the same might be availed through outsourcing. Right from sending e-mail scripts to content writing, there are virtual experts to handle everything about e-book marketing. One stop Virtual Assistance service providers like GetFriday are one of your best bets in this regard. So, get started with your e-book marketing from today!

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