Four Fool-Proof Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block With a Virtual Assistant

Four Fool-Proof Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block With a Virtual Assistant


Writer’s block is something every writer struggles with at some point in their lives. Since the lifeblood of every writer’s success lies in their ability to churn out quick quality content, a writer’s block could throw you off balance, especially if you have strict deadlines to meet.

The feeling of not being ‘good enough’ to write is all too familiar. But most of the time, a writer’s block is not really a ‘block’ at all. It’s just endless self-criticism and a noiseless outburst of the ‘stress’ you experience when you have to produce work that will not be viewed by your readers as flaming pieces of garbage. If people pen their thoughts down without worrying too much about perfecting the sentences, the flow of writing improves and gives the writers a rough skeleton to work with for later. Contrary to popular belief, a writer’s block usually occurs during the initial phases of writing and is common among professional writers, novelists, academicians, researchers and the like.

Many a time, people put their lives on hold until they can find the inspiration to write. Some of the activities that people indulge in for inspiration include going through ‘how-to’ blog posts on overcoming writer’s blocks (shooting myself in the foot?), taking long walks outside, completing household chores, reading poetic novels or hoping to find some inspiration by watching the plants in their backyards grow. Though these may provide stimulus for some, it does not necessarily work all the time.

What You Should Ideally Be Doing?

Writers have to invest countless hours of research and pore over a number of resources before they actually get down to writing the first few drafts.

With hours of prep work, professional writers almost always struggle for time. All this creates an even bigger problem if the writer is prone to experiencing writer’s blocks every now and then. The trick to overcoming a writer’s block is to work around the problem smartly. Though a request for help with writing at this point may be perceived as a critical weakness, it is in fact one of the smartest things a writer can do for his/her writing, without taking away the glory they deserve.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can give you enough room to work around your creativity and will give you the space to write at leisure without letting the brass tacks or prep work get in the way. Though indirectly, this could help with overcoming writer’s block because you will have fewer things to worry about and will be able to concentrate better on the composition of your thoughts. Leave the research, keyword searches, vocabulary sheets and lots more to your VA. You’ll find that no matter what you compose, be it an online blog or a book, outsourcing a few aspects of preparatory writing work to a personal virtual assistant can definitely ease the pressures of a writer’s block.

Get your VA to:

Do The Research Work


Whether you are working on a research paper or writing a blog series, you will be required to do some amount of research if you want your final, written piece to look credible. Engaging your audience is crucial and presenting data or checking out the facts behind people, locations, characters and subjects can help you do just that.

For example, in the following two sentences, you’ll notice a difference in how the information is presented. The research and detail that goes into the second sentence will make you understand why the second sentence will be considered more reliable in the eyes of a reader.

Example 1

“Mike stole an orange bag from the Selfridges store and ran out as quickly as he could.”

Example 2

“Mike stole an expensive, orange, suede satchel from the Selfridges store and ran out as quickly as he could.”

A reader would most definitely be drawn to the second line, because it is a lot more descriptive and also gives the illusion that the bag is stolen from the store actually exists at Selfridges. The devil is in the details and carrying out proper research before any kind of writing, will only make your writing piece honest.

If you are starting out as a writer, you may not know where to look for information. Even if you do, you may find that ‘research’ can get exasperating and take up a lot of your time. That’s where a Virtual Assistant steps into place. No matter what online research you require for writing your blog, book or paper, you can outsource ‘research work’ of various natures to your VA and focus more on composing your written work.

Generate Blog Post Ideas & Page Optimization

If you are struggling with finding suitable keyword-rich titles for your blog posts, give your Virtual Assistant a rough idea of what you are expecting in terms of the title for the post and what the blog will contain. Your VA will carry out all the keyword research required to target the right audience and also come with up ideas for your next blog posts. Apart from this, get your VA to keep your blog pages optimized and can carry out competitor research so that you can gauge where you stand. All this data, presented in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format by your VA, should be able to ease a part of the writer’s block and give you the freedom to write your piece in a relaxed manner.

Drafting Blog Posts


If you continue to have a problem with writing in a lucid manner or you are not finding the time to complete your blog for the week, have your specialist Virtual Assistant work on a draft for you. All you will have to do in the end is go through it, format the content and hit the ‘publish’ button. Your Virtual Assistants, being jacks of all trades, are also talented wordsmiths. You’ll be surprised with the lucrative ideas they give you and the quality work they can come up with! They can handle all your website content work or if you require help writing your blog posts, statements of purposes, product descriptions or marketing content, they’ll get it done for you in half time.

Proofread Your Work At Every Stage


Writing is just the first part of the problem. Once you have worked on the skeleton draft, you will have to string it all together for it to make more sense. That’s where proofreading and editing the content comes into play. Whether you need help with re-structuring sentences, use of appropriate vocabulary, spotting and correcting errors in spelling or grammar, outsource the task to your Virtual Assistant. Writing can be an extremely tiring activity and by the end of your piece, you will probably be left with very little or no energy to go over what you’ve written with a keen eye.

Virtual Assistants are trained to pay attention to the smallest details so, getting timely help with proofreading the errors and polishing your written work can help make all the difference to the final output. What’s more, this will make it seem like you never struggled or faced a writer’s block in the first place!

If ever you get stuck with writing, don’t panic. Follow the steps outlined above and never shy away from getting professional help when required. If you have a shed-load of other work that needs your undivided attention and you are not able to devote time to any of it because you are stuck with making your drafts look pretty, don’t bother! Have your VA take care of all your work for you. You’ll notice that over time, the writer’s block will wane in obscurity and your writing too, will improve!


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