The Top Five Work-related Reasons For Stress And How To Bust Them

The Top Five Work-related Reasons For Stress And How To Bust Them

When we feel threatened, our nervous systems release two main stress hormones- adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause our blood pressures to raise, hearts to beat faster and breaths to quicken. Stress is our bodies’ evolutionary way of preparing for stressful situations. Chronic day-to-day work-related stress can be a real killer. Let us take a look at the top 5 reasons for stress and some possible solution.

1. Too Many Responsibilities

We all want more responsibility and the authority that comes with it. This is especially applicable to busy individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners. However, when one person has way too much responsibility, the sheer overwork can lead to very high stress levels. The stress, though work-related, doesn’t take much time to creep into one’s personal life as well. Stress is called a silent killer, and with good reason. One doesn’t think of stress as a possible cause for various inexplicable health disorders, but stress is the culprit nevertheless. What can be done to avert this situation?


2. Too Little Time To Manage Tasks

Any entrepreneur or small business owner will understand the nature of the stress that occurs when there’s just not enough time to manage everything. Managing a business on one’s own or with minimal staff leaves literally no time for a personal life. When a person suffers continual stress while trying to make every minute stretch, the body is constantly thrown into overdrive. All vital organs are forced to work harder just to cope with the stress. It doesn’t have to be this way.


3. Limited Resources Preventing Effective Job Execution

A small business owner or individual entrepreneur has to manage a great deal with limited infrastructure and manpower. For a business person, limited resources can spell the end of creative entrepreneurship. Borrowing more capital is not the only way to resolve resource limitations, as it leads only to greater debt. Trying to manage stringent deadlines while struggling with limited resources can spell doom for small businesses.


4. Worry Regarding Capital

Financial worries can be a real killer; they can creep up on individual entrepreneurs and small business owners and plague them for the longest time. One strong reason for financial worries is overstretched capital. Small business owners and individual entrepreneurs take on too much and then struggle to complete pending projects. Needless to say, this only leads to loss of credibility and more financial worry.


5. Lack of a Positive Work-life Balance

Tired and overworked employees don’t make great assets. In order to ensure better employee performance, employers must learn to distribute workloads better. One should aim to strike the ideal balance between work and life; a fixed number of hours at work and plenty of time devoted to family, relaxation and hobbies. Good employers implement various strategies to ensure that their employees get plenty of challenge at work while maintaining good health and enjoying a hearty personal life.


Possible Solutions To Alleviate Work-related Stress

Various solutions are available to alleviate work-related stress. One can develop hobbies, take more breaks, do yoga, meditate, commune with nature and spend time with family. While these solutions are proven to reduce stress, some issues require a deeper look. Resource and manpower restrictions won’t go away through holistic solutions.

Outsourcing is a great solution, freeing up resources, improving stress levels and positively impacting business bottom-lines. One can outsource time-consuming tasks such as customer management, administration, database management, marketing and more. Outsourcing can help alleviate work-related stress, streamline business processes and free up time to focus on what’s really important ? the business bottom line.

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